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Souris Jouets En Plastique

M: approx.: Wholesale bol double chien. Plastic garbage bags. Jouet chasse. Mini-fût bourguignons. Toothbrush. Paper box. About  200g. Na12618. Certificate: Medium and large dogs. Reptile dish. 12*5*5cm. Pink, blue, beige,brown. Wooden hamster seesaw. Brown,blue,pink

Jouet Hérisson

Hamster toys. Soft plastic. Small mammals: Pet sleeping bed. Yy-4024. Led collier de chien. 03-03-001. 5kg">>5kg. Cloth + steel. 12pcs. 43523. 

Wholesale Chauffe Infrarouge En Céramique

Dco-a030. Cloth /berber fleece. Sac tissu grand sac à dos. Kuso jouets. Llh-mc005. 2s9599. Small animal/hamster/guinea pigs, chinchillas. 8cm x 7cm x 3cm (3.15in x 2.76in x 1.18in). Length * width * height:13*13*16 cm. Dyy3162. Wheel diameter m: 0.076kg (0.17lb.). Wholesale 6m21 13b381 aa. 517e2s9104. Pet collier pour chien. Hamster bed. 2s90739w912. Pour toilettage chiens. 

électrique Fichier Nail

Dy279. Jouets sonores. Replaceable feathers toy length: : Chien de la maison. 2016-10-12-006. Chien restrictions. Magic hair style outil. D5bc2s90304-rs. Pc034. émotionnel smiley. 517e2s9082. 

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Great now I’m scared too papa void damn. ;-; 



SO I BEAT THE STAGE without going to it, but i went back and reloaded the scene, and it was a fucking scarecrow..xD im gonna cry
Im gonna look for simon, i didnt see him MMmmm


When he finally saw Simon from the game.

#close your eyes #very nice game #but Simon... #illogicalvoid


I did it!!

I finally made a Bonnie rp/ interactive blog~


Well, if you have questions about the character, please contact me. And now I will watch over you.

#rp #Bonnie Krautz
Livestream over


thank you so much for joining and popping by! quq thank you for the asks
if you have a questions for future live streams, send a ask and tag the end of it as #Q&A so we know its for it

and thank you again you guys Cx


We are gonna be online in a few min or seconds, 
Steam ! Meet us their ouo

Anonymous asked:
What platform will you be recording the stream on??? YouNow, Twitch,YouTube? 


twitch, sasha is setting that stuff up qq

Twitch click

#streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam #stream #im sorry
Anonymous asked:
I keep scrolling through old post and like im so confused. . So vince/Virgil is dating Skott (according to and older post) But Skott is also dating Vincent Bishop (according to a newer post) But Roger is dating Bishop as well??? I don't know if that's how it normally is or if that only applies to certain aus . I know we should wait for the stream but I feel like this would be easier to answer separately. 



NO, WAIT ILL ANSWEr tHIS ON THE STrEAM, it will be easier to hear then to read it xux   TRUST ME i exsplained it like 2-3 times now and people are still confused 
stream xux starts tomorrow at 2pm eastern time (12 California time)


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tomorrow at 2 p.m. eastern time (12 California time)

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Anonymous asked:
Are you making a rp blog for Bonnie!?!? 

Mmm… I think no. Too difficult character for rp. 

If someone has sadistic inclinations and is able to rp, then it can create a Bonnie’s blog for rp. We’ll be glad.

#Bonnie Krautz #Anonymous
Anonymous asked:
Wait... If Bonnie is unfair in a fight, why don't we just make it fair!!! 




MILES is no fighter xD hes all about emotional attacks, bonnie is a strong ass man, miles is fit but physical fight he will loose

now get you some corporate stuff, miles can win that, tho bonnie has build himself up too, both are very good

but miles has medical supplies, if he wanted too he can be a bitch adn raise up prices and well kill off alot of people, cause pressure for companies, hospitals clinics and neighborhoods n such t o surrender to him

Bonnies weakness is children (he loves em)
miles can easily tell bonnie that “fuck off, or those children hospitals are gonna loose alot of supplies, Miles is the owner of alot of companies in this, meaning the factories that make those supplies too

mun: *casually waits for someon to make a bonnie ask blog*

Mun: *waits for this as well so I can watch it go down-*



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#fcking rich bitch #i still love this character #Miles Miller #Bonnie Krautz #crossover AU

Commission for this cutie~

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